Location: Lanzarote, Spain
Type: Hotel/resort
Units: 48

Description: A 48 unit luxury bungalow hotel located on the southern-most tip of Lanzarote and within the Las Coloradas development.

Location: Lanzarote, Spain
Type: Retail
Size: 70 to 80 units

Description: This recently completed shopping center, designed to look like an authentic local sea side village is situated at the heart of the Las Coloradas master-planned development and will house between 70 and 80 retail units for boutiques, shops, convenience stores restaurants and bars. To add authenticity and to preserve the local flair the center is situated on three different levels of downward sloping terrain and consists of several separate buildings interconnected by narrow walking streets, stairs and bridges.
For rental information please contact Otto Berger at our Lanzarote office.

Location: Sweden
Type: Multifamily/Townhome
Size: 4000 Sqm
Units: 40

Description: Approximately fourty high end and centraly located condominium units.

Location: Lanzarote Spain
Type: Residential/commercial
Size: 1.4 Million Sqm

Description: A new master-planned residential/tourist development located on Lanzarote. Infra structure is completed and development has begun on parts of the property.

Location: Sweden
Type: Multifamily/Townhome
Size: 7000 Sqm
Units: 50

Description: A waterfront development comprising between fifty and sixty luxury condominium units and townhomes.

Location: Lanzarote, Spain
Type: Commercial
Size: 6,500 Sqm building area.

Description: On the last buildable plot within the Las Coloradas development we are planning to establish a first class healthcare and rehabilitation center that will cater to residents and hotel guests of the Las Coloradas community as well as to other guests.

Location: Sweden
Type: Single family homes
Size: 27,000 Sqm
Units: 180

Description: A development on two separate plots that will house approximately 180 single family villas.

Location: Sweden
Type: Multifamily/Townhome
Size: 17,000 sqm
Units: 200

Description: A centrally located condominium and rental apartment complex.