About the Devolopment

Las Coloradas is a world class residential and hotel resort community situated on the southern tip of the Spanish Atlantic island of Lanzarote. The original land parcel for Las Coloradas had been owned by the company for several decades when the opportunity arose to purchase the neighboring tract of land. This openned the possibility of developing a resort of grand scale. In 1992 development began according to the master plan formulated by world-renowned architect Roman Wozniak.

The Resort

Now nearing completion, Las Coloradas offers all that a modern resort should, including two luxury hotels, three apartment/bungalow hotels, residential bungalows and villas, it’s own shopping village, and a multitude of sports and recreational activities. The resort totals approximately 3500 beds. Las Coloradas is located a comfortable distance from the charming old sea-side fishing village of Playa Blanca. The resort is situated on 690,000 m2 of spectacular ocean-front property gracefully rolling down to its own secluded beach. The land directly borders the majestic Papagayo Beaches national park with its beautiful white-sand beaches, cliffs and untouched mountainous area. With careful attention in adhering to local building codes and architectural traditions, and with the intent to protect and preserve the lands unique character, a resort of casual elegance in a natural setting was born.

The Climate

The volcanic island of Lanzarote is situated at the same degree of latitude as Hawaii, Guadalupe, Florida and the Bahamas, and enjoys an extremely sunny climate. The average temperatures are between 14 and 22 degrees Celsius in winter and between 18 and 29 in summer. The landscape, which is characterized by a solidified lava terrain and volcanic eruptions, as well as the unique flora and coastal waters rich in fauna, lend the island its unique character.