The Skarne System expedites the building process and facilitates decision-making by maintaining flexibility for the future. With the building system it is possible to change earlier decisions in three phases:

1. During the project and production stages one may, without major operations or costs, change apartment layouts and sizes previously decided upon.

2. In the short term one can adapt the flats to the individual tenants’ needs, and as needs change layout plans can easily be changed accordingly.

3. In the longer term one can adjust the entire building to future changes in the interior plan. The structure is kept untouched as the interior is completely renovated. The Skarne System has overcome a previous limitation to flexibility and convertibility; bathrooms and kitchens may be moved and placed at will without consideration to the vertical layout of the building. This is considerably less expensive than demolishing and building new.

The Dynamic House principle.

The open space of the concrete structure makes the building totally flexible inside and out. The roof and light façades can be rebuilt on demand. The room division of the flat can be changed. Sanitary rooms and kitchens can be relocated and applicances can be easily upgraded. The entire floor of any building can be adapted to the demands of housing or official buildings such as hospitals, schools, laboratories, factories, offices, etc..

It took 2 weeks to assemble the bearing structure of 4 houses (for 36 apartments in Tremblay-en-France)

SKARNE SYSTEM building concept.

The Skarne System takes into consideration the whole development process, from raw land to the management phase of a completed building. From the outset the objective is to deliver a finished product that will maintain a low as possible annual cost.

The main objective of the Skarne System, with more than six decades of development and accumulated know-how, has always been to focus on a high as possible level of rationalization in the production of the basic building elements (structure and roof). The completely flexible system gives architects the possibility to create friendly, stimulating and lively environments as well as giving each individual family the freedom to independently shape their daily environment.

The Skarne System allows the experience of community, being together and variability. In addition, the system is adaptable for disabled people’s needs.

We solve the problem:

“Who is able to make detailed plans for buildings and homes 50 years in advance?”

Traditionally the layout of a multi-family building is anticipated to have a life-expectancy of 50 to 60 years, even though it will remain in use far longer than that. Typically household plans are determined by current market needs, such as a certain percentage going to traditional two-children households and a certain percentage going to single-occupancy dwellings, etc. In addition, since conventional planning is determined out of economic gain, it consequently results in fewer apartment varieties.


The Solution is: Skarne System allows for maximum flexibility, easily adjusted as demands change over time. The architecture of the building is designed to fit to every living environment.

Production costs : < 960 € / sqm (VAT not includ.)
Heating consumption : < 2,50 € / sqm / year

(calculated on the project in Valdoie, Territoire de Belfort June 2008, HBI-engineering, France, see contacts)

Nearly limitless possibilities for architects to design and adapt our simple concrete structures

Rosersberg, Sigtuna, Sweden
Architect: John Sjöström ; engineering BJERKING AB

On the concrete structure a lot of variations are possible for the roof, stairways, façades, rampe for handicapped, baywindows, etc..

Tremblay-en-France, architect: Paul Guibert & Rosine Bellugue ; engineering

The channels in the hollow core slabs are used for water, waste water and similar. Onto the structures light façade elements of wooden panel or other material (plaster, bricks, etc.) are mounted. Three-glass windows and doors are installed on demand. System Patent S85.

Building of the Skarne System constructions in a multi-story building .. and also adapted to be built in earthquake areas
(France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, etc...) European patent “A wall element”

Valdoie, Territoire de Belfort, France
(earthquake area)
Architect: Marc Thomas; engineering Cabinet HBI

6 floors appartement building in Stockholm,
Architect: WSP architecture; engineering STEAB,BJERKING AB