Skarne has built on five of the earth’s seven continents.

About US

Oscar Skarne

The SKARNE Group originated in 1897 when Oscar Skarne started a construction business in the Stockholm area.

By the 1940s the family business, under the name of Ohlsson & Skarne, had become a substantial construction company in the Stockholm area. During the 1950s and 60s, as the industrialization of building was popularized in Europe, the company enjoyed a major national and international expansion.

Allan Skarne

Allan Skarne was a pioneer in this new form of building and at the forefront of developing new construction systems, which have since influenced and rationalized the building industry. These building techniques were patented, and throughout the years more than 350,000 apartment units have been developed with the Skarne building systems.

In 1967 Ohlsson & Skarne’s Swedish operation merged with Skånska Cementgjuteriet AB (today known as Skanska). Its international division has remained within the Skarne family and has since been headquartered in Switzerland.

Internationally the system has been applied to more than 100,000 apartment units, with precast element plants outside of Sweden totaling a production capacity of approximately 10,000 units/year. The Skarne system has been used to build (as a licensor or with its own building activities) housing developments in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Africa, USA, Malaysia, Kuwait and Venezuela.


Johan Skarne

Under Johan Skarne the Company focused on development rather than construction. major residential and commercial developments in Switzerland and the Canary Islands, South America and Asia. including over 2000 homes and apartments on Gran Canaria, and the development of the largest privately-owned master-planned residential/commercial/hotel property (690,000 sqm) on Lanzarote.

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Filip Skarne

Filip Skarne is an experienced real estate executive, entrepreneur and visionary. With over 30 years of professional experience in real estate, starting as a commercial broker in the US, to decades actively acquiring, developing and managing property, to sitting on numerous real estate boards, Filip brings extensive experience to all projects he is involved with.  Driven by a keen intuitive sense of personal relationships, he takes pride in creating the best possible outcomes to all projects he participates in.