Oscar Skarne began building in Stockholm.
Notable buildings: Centralpalatset Lidingö, Lidingö Kommunala Läroverket


Ohlsson & Skarne is formed with colleague Oskar Ohlsson.  Just a few short years later Oskar Ohlsson unfortunately died, but out of respect Allan Skarne kept his name on the company as a tribute. 

Notable buildings: Rålamgstorg 10, Hagagatan 16-28, S:t Eriksgatan 72-7, Johannesplan 5, Döbelnsgatan 1, Fredhällsgatan 5-7


After the war’s end in 1945 there was a strong development towards practical building methods. Under Allan Skarne's leadership, Ohlsson & Skarne became a driving force in developing new construction methods using concrete elements. Skarne System was coined and became widely known inside and outside construction circles.


The majority of the apartments in The Million Program (the public housing programme implemented in Sweden between 1965 and 1974 which aimed to construct one million new dwellings in a country with the population of 8 million and was the world’s most ambitious building program) were built using prefab methods with the Skarne System. Ohlsson & Skarne had been the leader in the development of practical building methods for a long time at that point and were therefore naturally tapped to build the majority of the dwellings.

Notable buildings: Tensta / Rinkeby, Orminge et al.


Ohlsson & Skarne merges with Skånska Cementgjuteriet. The new venture is called "Skanska". The Skarne family become the largest private owners of Skanska.


The company establishes a concrete factory in Spain and builds thousands of tourist apartments, schools, churches, and other tourist developments.  


A large tract of land is purchased on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in Spain for future development


The 85 system (S-85 or Dynamic House) is developed based on all the combined knowledge of all other Skarne building systems and is the culmination of 50-years of know-how. The result is a system that allows 100% flexibility.  It is used to build in France, Norway and Sweden.

80s & 90s

Throughout the 80s and 90s the company grows and diversifies its interests establishing privately owned companies in building materials, textiles, food, computers, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and steel.


Land is purchased in Rotkreuz, Switzerland and developed into the Euro Business Center.


Infrastructure is complete in Lanzarote and we begin development of the largest privately owned master-planned community on the island.


Skarne builds the Hammar Home hotel for the upcoming Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.  Skarne textiles sponsors the Norwegian national team.


The company refocuses on real-estate development and continues to do so until now.