Our building systems simplify long-term management, minimize future renovation costs, and provide the building with the best overall economy for a long life.

Who can plan buildings and homes 50 years in advance? We can!

The original recyclable, reusable, repurpose-able building. 

Skarne System  is known for several of it’s prefabricated building systems including: Skarne Heavy, Skarne Light, Skarne 66, and the latest the Skarne Dynamic House (also known as  S-85).

A picture says a thousand words

As a result of the technology used in our system, all internal walls and service installations can be moved without involving any major work on the rest of the building.  Thus, what is an apartment building today, can easily be converted into a school next year, an office building the year after that, without having to change the water and plumbing installations and with complete ease of moving walls.   Fully flexible and dynamic, adaptable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The main objective of the Skarne System Dynamic House, with more than six decades of development and accumulated know-how, has always been to focus on a high as possible level of rationalization in the production of the basic building elements (structure and roof). The completely flexible system gives architects the possibility to create friendly, stimulating and lively environments as well as giving each individual family the freedom to independently shape their daily environment.

The Skarne System Dynamic House S-85 is a structural system for pre-fabricated building. The basic factory made components of the system consist of concrete load bearing external wall units and hollow core concrete floor slabs. The structural frame system allows for total internal planning flexibility and convertibility in a building, together with total freedom of choice with regard to external design and choice of cladding materials. A more or less limitless number of different internal planning solutions are possible within one and the same basic structural frame.

It is becoming increasingly expensive to convert or alter existing buildings. Frequently, in fact, just as expensive as constructing a new building. However, a building which has been built using our system is not difficult either to alter or to convert to another use. Furthermore, it can be done very inexpensively. As a result of the new technology used in our system, all internal walls and service installations can be moved without involving any major work on the rest of the building.

It is easy for the owner of a building to use it for different functions as needs and demands change. Offices can be turned into apartments. Apartments can become schools. Schools can be converted into shops.

Also the architect has more or less unlimited freedom with regard to the internal planning of a building, the grouping of buildings, and the design of their elevations and roofs with regard to the local architectural traditions, environment and climate. 

Our system is designed to meet the demands of both today and tomorrow.

“The Dynamic House’s patented binding system for the highly standardized frame enables a frame completely without load-bearing interior walls.   This provides complete freedom inside and outside the load-bearing frame, giving maximum flexibility.”


Flexibility without limits: everything can change and shift within the dynamic framework.

  • Kitchen and bathrooms are placed freely and completely independent from the floor above or below.
  • Simplifies generational housing
  • Durable over time
  • Plumbing/re-plumbing changes are quick and easy to carry out and can be done one apartment at a time
  • Prepared to be able to change apartment sizes to the current rental market or change area of ​​use in the future
  • Free choice of facade cladding
  • Few and standardized building components
  • Well-insulated using a combination of concrete frame with exterior insulated cladding walls
  • limits the use of concrete with no interior load bearing walls
  • A long-proven system